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Corn Nuts Salted


Corn nuts are high in carbohydrates and low in simple sugar. They are a cholesterol-free snack. Since most people do not get the recommended daily amount of fiber in their diet, choosing snacks that provide fiber is a good way to assist in reaching the daily fiber intake goal.We guarantee you will love the quality of our products . Find out more.

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Corn Nuts Salted are a delightful and crunchy snack option that offers both great taste and a range of health benefits. These treats are made by soaking whole corn kernels, which are then deep-fried to create a hard and brittle texture. With their high carbohydrate content, low simple sugar content, and zero cholesterol, corn nuts can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.


  1. Carbohydrate-Rich: Corn Nuts Salted are a rich source of carbohydrates, providing the energy your body needs to fuel daily activities and maintain optimal performance.
  2. Low in Simple Sugar: Unlike many snacks that are high in added sugars, corn nuts contain low levels of simple sugars, making them a better choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.
  3. Cholesterol-Free: Corn nuts are completely free of cholesterol, which is beneficial for maintaining heart health and overall cardiovascular well-being.
  4. Good Source of Fiber: Incorporating corn nuts into your diet can help increase your daily fiber intake. Fiber is important for promoting healthy digestion, supporting weight management, and maintaining stable blood sugar levels.
  5. Satisfying Crunch: The unique preparation method of soaking and deep-frying corn kernels gives corn nuts their satisfyingly crunchy texture, adding an enjoyable element to snacking.
  6. Versatile Snack: Corn nuts are a versatile snack option that can be enjoyed on their own or added to salads, trail mixes, or other dishes for an extra crunch and flavor.

We guarantee you will love the quality of our products . Find out more.

Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional information for Corn Nuts per 1 ounce (28g) serving:

Nutrient Amount per Serving
Calories 132
Total Fat 5.9g
– Saturated Fat 0.8g
– Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 113mg
Total Carbohydrate 18.3g
– Dietary Fiber 2.5g
– Sugars 0.8g
Protein 2.7g
Calcium 2mg
Iron 0.5mg
Potassium 52mg

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