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Whole Cashew Nuts


Whole cashew nuts are a great healthy snack packed full of nutrients. They can be enjoyed as they are or roasted for extra flavour. Cashew nuts are great for making desserts and pasta sauce too.

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Whole Cashew Nuts are not only a delicious snack but also a treasure trove of nutrients. These delightful nuts can be transformed into homemade cashew nut butter, adding a touch of luxury to your go-to snacks like

apple slices or a comforting bowl of warm oats. The versatility of Cashew Nuts goes beyond snacking. They lend a luscious creaminess to desserts and enrich pasta sauces, offering a healthier twist to your indulgent recipes.


One of the standout advantages of Whole Cashew Nuts is their low sugar content coupled with a high fiber content. This combination makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and healthy snack.

These nuts are also abundant in heart-healthy fats and plant-based protein, making them a valuable option for individuals following a plant-based diet. Furthermore, Cashew Nuts serve as a natural source of copper, magnesium, and manganese, which play crucial roles in energy production, brain health, immune system function, and maintaining sturdy bones.


Cashew Nuts contain just one ingredient: cashew nuts. Rest assured, no additives or preservatives are included, ensuring a pure and natural snacking experience.

Allergen Information

Please note that Whole Cashew Nuts are processed in facilities that handle other nuts, seeds, cereals, soy, and gluten-containing products. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, exercise caution and refer to the product packaging or allergen information before consumption.


To preserve their exquisite taste and quality, it is recommended to store Whole Cashew Nuts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. By doing so, you can relish their freshness and enjoy their satisfying crunch for an extended period.


While every effort is made to maintain the utmost quality, there is a slight possibility that Whole Cashew Nuts may contain occasional stones or fragments. To ensure a pleasant snacking experience, it is important to exercise mindfulness while consuming them.

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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